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Rockport Venture Partners

Rockport Venture Partners is a unique private placement firm that specializes in raising private capital, including equity and debt from a global network of European, Asian and U.S. institutional funds. Rockport clients are venture stage or publicly traded life science or healthcare IT companies seeking to leverage the strategic value of a globally diversified shareholder base.

Based on 50 years of combined capital raising experience, the Principals of Rockport have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and success in raising capital as well as an established reputation among all of the top European, Asian and U.S. healthcare-dedicated institutional investors as a leading boutique investment banking firm.

Because raising capital is not the primary challenge for successful companies, Rockport clients do not turn to a traditional banker. Instead, companies engage with Rockport to target investors that understand the life science or healthcare IT sectors and that will provide differentiated strategic value complementary to that of the existing shareholders.

Institutional investors recognize that Rockport’s compelling global network and unique banking model attract a pipeline of high quality, closely syndicated opportunities backed by leading venture capital providers.

As a testament to the effectiveness of Rockport’s model, the firm has raised over $375 million for transactions that have attracted over $700 million in syndicated demand. Rockport was founded in 2001.

Rockport conducts all placements through its wholly owned subsidiary, Rockport Venture Securities, LLC.
Rockport Venture Securities is a member of FINRA, formerly the NASD, and SIPC.